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Loretto Pali Vini Castello di Spessa

Our wines are born where the sun follows the waves of those hills that were once the sea and where the river shapes the land with its incessant flow.

In 2014 Loretto Pali launched a new style of Collio wines being aware that the international trend was moving toward greater elegance and crisp freshness. A collaboration was set up with Enrico Paternoster, oenologist from the Trentino Alto Adige region, who is skillfully able to combine freshness and elegance with structure and longevity,  which result in elegant, mineral, lingering and pleasantly refreshing wines with great drinkability.



Our wines are mentioned in the most important wine guides and magazines, and over the years have been awarded important recognitions and prizes.


Enjoy a guided tour of the castle, discover its secret history, and taste the wines produced by the Estate.




We pick the grapes at in the very early morning to take advantage of the cooler temperatures.
The low yields per hectare (between 40 and 70 q/ha), combined with winegrowing practices that are respectful of the vegetative balance of the vines, ensure grape clusters that are desirably small and a skin/pulp ratio that is optimal for the production of wines that are nicely structured, aromatic, and age well.


The grapes of each vineyard are carefully selected and vinified separately to enhance the character of the Cru.
In the late 1970s, entrepreneur Loretto Pali bought the winery in the locality of Boatina in Cormòns. In 1987 he then aquired Castello di Spessa, with its Estate and wineyards located in the hills of Capriva del Friuli in the Collio area, near Gorizia. Over the years, he then created an elegan Golf Wine Resort & SPA, with a Vinum SPA, an 18-hole golf course, 3 restaurants, rooms and appartments. Today the Estate has 70 hectares in the DOC Friuli Isonzo and 28 hectares in the Collio area.
sala degustazione castello di spessa


Open every day: 9am – 7pm

Via Spessa, 1 – 34070
Capriva del Friuli (GO) – Italy
tel. +39 0481 808124

The Pinot Nero Business Network

The seven wineries cooperating in the Pinot Nero Friuli Venezia Giulia Business Network together manage 28 hectares of vineyards (of a total of 150 hectares) planted to Pinot Nero, yielding a production of some 150 thousand bottles, showing a slight increase compared to previous years. All the wineries part of the network can boast an experience in the production of Pinot Nero of at least ten years, and in many cases even twenty. The network of wineries produces a total of 12 different Pinot Nero.
Vino Castello di Spessa - Simonit and sirch


Castello di Spessa is mostly renown for its Pinot Nero varieties that grow on the Collio hills in a vineyard dubbed “Vigna dei Tre Pinot”, supervised by internationally recognised agronomist, Marco Simonit, who has devised an original vine pruning system that is not much used in Friuli, but well acclaimed in wine regions that typically produce high quality Pinot, such as Bourgogne and Champagne. The goal is to well interpret the varietal characteristics that are exclusive to our micro area in order to achieve great Pinot, and preserve the plants so they can continue producing quality wines for at least the next 60 years.