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    Wine wedding: our recommendations

    22 April 2021

    More and more couples choose wine as the main theme for their wedding, declining it in an elegant reception or in a simpler one, with a shabby chic style.
    If you are a couple who loves good wine and conviviality, here are some tips to plan an original wine-themed wedding.

    Location: wine cellars or vineyards?

    Undoubtedly the perfect season for a wine-themed wedding is autumn, whose colors recall the harvest period. The best months are September and October, but if you decide to celebrate your union in autumn or winter you will need to secure an indoor location (remember: the risk of rain is just around the corner!).

    Wedding in a medieval wine cellar, with spouses and guest celebrating
    Wedding in a medieval wine cellar
    Credits: Tassotto & Max Photo Agency

    In order to make your reception elegant even in the coldest months, we suggest you to choose a historic wedding venue, surrounded by vineyards or a suggestive natural landscape.

    Have you decided to celebrate the wedding in summer? In this case, you could organize the reception directly between the rows of the vines, decorating the setting with long themed tables and strings of lights to make the atmosphere even more enchanting.

    Our suggestions for a wine wedding set up


    The wedding theme should already be present in the invitations to be sent to the guests. You could choose a warm color combination for the colder seasons, reflecting the tones of autumn and red wine; for the warmer ones, such as spring and summer, you could use decorations in softer colors, such as white, pink or lilac.

    Do you want to send DIY invitations? Here is an original idea: take some white cards with their envelope and place them side by side on a flat surface. After mixing some wine with a few drops of red tempera, take a glass and immerse the base in the mixture; gently place it on the cards and let them dry.

    DIY Wine wedding invitations
    DIY Wine wedding invitations
    Credits: Wine Salad (

    Buffet ideas

    In order to immerse your guests in the wedding theme, welcome them by setting up the buffet and the tasting corner on wine barrels, with shabby chic style elements, such as vases filled with corks, flowers and vine leaves.

    Shabby chic buffet set up on wine barrels
    Shabby chic buffet set up for a wine wedding
    Credits: Amy Arrington (

    Reception: the decoration of the tables

    For a special mise en place, employ the color palette of the wedding and decorate the table with a themed centerpiece. Use vine leaves and flowers to color your table, corks as a place card (or as a wedding ring holder during the ceremony!) and wine bottles as flower holders or candles: with these decorations you will create a welcoming and jolly atmosphere, perfect for a wine wedding.

    Wine wedding centerpieces: a section of a log, with bottles, flowers and candles
    Wine wedding centerpieces
    Credits: Drozian Photoworks (

    How about some moments of relaxation for the newlyweds?

    If you want to remember your wedding day, the vineyard or cellar are the ideal setting for the photo shoot: why not take some original photos among the vineyards or the barrels of the wine cellars?

    And, while waiting for the big day or after the celebrations, treat yourselves in a wellness center, perhaps specialized in wine therapy treatments. A perfect way to start a new journey together!

    A relaxing room of a spa with wine-therapy and two glasses of red wine on the front
    Spa with wine therapy: relax surrounded by vineyards
    Credits: Flavio Graffi

    How to pamper wedding guests

    Do you want to welcome your guests in the best way? Here are some ideas to make them remember your special day for a long time.

    After the party and a restful sleep, welcome friends and relatives with a tasty and jolly brunch made of local products in the vineyards and surprise them with a wedding gift to thank them for their presence: to recall the wine theme, instead of giving them a traditional wedding favor, we suggest you to think about a wine or a spirit bottle with a personalized label with your names, the date and the location of the wedding day. A perfect gift, especially if yours is a destination wedding!

    DIY Wine wedding favors idea
    Wine wedding favors ideas
    Credits: Paola Colleoni (

    Have you been striked by our suggestions and now you too want to organize your wine themed wedding? Contact us to plan your special day in Italy, in the splendid setting of Castello di Spessa Golf Wine Resort & Spa, nestled among the vineyards of Collio.

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