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    Wedding bag: tips for its preparation

    11 February 2022

    One of the biggest concerns for the bride and groom is to be able to pamper their guests, from the beginning to the end of the wedding. In recent times very popular is the “wedding bag“, a cute and useful thought, which however can hide small pitfalls and hindrances, if not thought and prepared in the right way.

    Don’t worry, we have prepared this article just to help you! Ready, set… go!

    What is the wedding bag?

    The wedding bag is a bag containing a series of gadgets and small items, useful for guests to face the day.

    Wedding bag example – Photo credits:

    The material of the bag can be of various types, the important thing is that it is in line with the theme of marriage. As for the size, it is suggested to choose a size not too large, so you can be comfortably carried by hand. Password then: fun with practicality!

    The content of the wedding bag

    Let’s get to the point. What will guests find inside their wedding bag? The most popular are soap bubbles, rice, cockade for the car, save heels, flip-flops etc

    The basic rule is to be very careful when receiving the bag. Before the ceremony or before the reception? Depending on the moment, you will have to select the objects well, in order to make them actually useful.

    The content of the wedding bag must be in line with the moment when guests will receive it – Photo credits:

    So, off with rice, soap bubbles, handkerchiefs, fans, a bottle of water along with the ceremony booklet, in case they are distributed before the exchange of promises. Generally, if you receive the bag before the ceremony, this will then be forgotten in the car when you move to the banquet. So, beware of waste and select the gadgets well.

    If the bag will be distributed before the reception, you will need to add some useful objects for cutting the cake and party: streamers, light gadgets, disposable cameras, flip-flops or save-heel. The ladies will surely thank you!

    Customize the wedding bag

    In addition to understanding what to put in, you will need to make the wedding bag unique and personalized.

    Be careful then to differentiate wedding bags for men, from those for ladies. How can a rescuer or a dancer be useful to a gentleman? It will be necessary to create two different ones, also to reduce waste.

    In addition to these small but important tricks, it is important to add a gadget that stands out from the rest, maybe customized and especially in line with the theme of your wedding.

    To make it unique it will not be enough to add your initials in the logo. An original example? If you decide to organize your special wine-themed day, it would be nice to recall it in some objects that recall it, such as the ambience perfume of Vinum made with Segré Sauvignon DOC Collio from Castello di Spessa.

    VINUM – Ambiance perfume of Castello di Spessa

    And now it’s up to you, dear bride and groom, how will you make your wedding bag unique?

    Contact us to discover all the locations immersed in the vineyards of Collio, to make your “Yes, I want it” unforgettable.

    Romance is our nature” – Castello di Spessa Golf Wine Resort & SPA.

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