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    Vinum SPA: wine-therapy wellness center

    02 June 2021

    Are you a wellness and beauty lover? Do you love to relax while sipping a glass of wine? Can’t wait to go on vacation to a place surrounded by nature?

    Then you are in the right place: our new wellness center with wine therapy is about to be inaugurated in the Castello di Spessa Golf Wine Resort & Spa. If we have intrigued you, read this article to preview all the services of our Vinum SPA and travel with your mind in search of absolute relaxation.

    Couples vats for wellness center with wine therapy
    The Vinum SPA couple tubs for chromotherapy whirlpools: perfect for enjoying the view while relaxing
    (ph. Flavio Graffi)

    What is wine therapy?

    Have you ever heard about “wine therapy”? The fusion of the terms “wine” and “therapy” reflects the combination of harmony and well-being that its treatments are able to offer.

    Wine therapy (or vinotherapy) consists of treatments that aim at the wellness of the person, through the use of products derived from grapes. By definition, wine therapy uses Vitis Vinifera – the vine plant – both in the form of skins, pips and leaves, as well as products derived from the fermentation of grapes (such as must and wine), and spirits and grappa.

    The aim is to ensure beneficial effects from a therapeutic point of view and guarantee you a sublime pampering, such as beauty treatments with exceptional properties.

    Interior of the Vinum SPA, with sunbeds and glasses of Casanova Pinot Nero DOC Collio
    The interior of the Vinum SPA: even while you are relaxing you can sip an excellent glass of wine
    (ph. Flavio Graffi)

    The benefits of wine therapy

    What are the benefits of wine therapy? Depending on the type of treatment chosen, wine therapy has purifying and anti-stress effects, fights skin aging and problems due to its elasticity, hydration and microcirculation.

    The main property of wine therapy, however, is the antioxidant one thanks to the polyphenol content within the grapes and, therefore, the products used for the treatments.

    Hilly panorama of the Collio from a window of the Vinum SPA, the wellness center with wine therapy of the Castello di Spessa
    Even the view from the Vinum SPA on the gentle hills of the Collio is relaxing
    (ph. Flavio Graffi)

    The Vinum SPA

    A wellness center in the heart of Collio

    The extraordinary Collio hills are home to the entire Resort and its wellness center with wine therapy will reveal how tradition and nature meet.

    Everything here leads back to grapes and wine: the rooms, the furnishings, the treatments, but also the view. Looking out from the large windows of the indoor pool or observing the surrounding panorama from the couple vats, you will see the extensive vineyards that give rise to the concept and the natural cosmetics of Vinum SPA.

    A multisensory experience based on wine therapy

    Inside the Spa, total wellness paths await you: from massages to treatments, from sensory beds to saunas, from the panoramic indoor pool to the Turkish bath.

    Our goal is to offer a multisensory experience that can regenerate you and lead you to discover the benefits of wine therapy.

    Romantic weekend at the Spa

    For a romantic weekend, dedicated to the well-being of the couple, Castello di Spessa Golf Wine Resort and its Vinum SPA are perfect: excellent wine, local dishes and products, nature and walks among olive trees and vineyards, golf and… relaxation!

    Thanks to the wide offer of the estate, our wellness center with wine therapy will be the highlight of your stay on the Collio: the ideal destination for those who want to combine their passion for wine, tastings and good food with moments of relaxation and wellness.

    Do you want to book or learn more about the Vinum SPA packages and wine therapy treatments? Contact us!

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