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    Useful and original wedding favors: 2021 trends

    20 May 2021

    The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic emergency has led many couples to postpone their wedding to summer 2021.

    Did you already set the gown and the suit, the location and the flowers but have not yet settled on the favors to thank your guests at the end of the reception? Don’t be afraid: in this article we’ll give you some tips for original, elegant and useful wedding favors.

    If traditional sugared almonds are not for you, you will be amazed by the countless ideas to replace them, in tune with the latest trends of 2021!

    Importance and meaning of the wedding favor

    As a sign of gratitude for participating in the party, it is a good idea to honor your guests with a present, which will also serve as a reminder of the special day spent together!

    In line with the marriage theme, remember that the perfect wedding favor should reflect your values: it is a way to tell about you as a couple.

    Ideas for food & wine wedding favors

    For a destination wedding, you might think of a culinary specialty, typical of the location where the ceremony took place. Recalling the taste sensations, your guest will be delighted with the memories of your magical day:

    Wine bottle with personalized label as a wedding favor
    How about a bottle of wine with a personalized label as a wedding favor?
    Small jars of honey used as a wedding favor
    A selection of different types of honey, in small and pretty packages
    Small bottles of liqueur or grappa used as a wedding favor
    A bottle of grappa or liqueur from a local company
    Small jars of different jams used as wedding favors
    Small packs of handmade jams
    Bottle of extra virgin olive oil with personalized label, used as a wedding favor
    A bottle of extra virgin olive oil: perfect for an Italian destination wedding

    With the packaging, try and recall the color palette of the wedding, then place an adhesive label on the back or the bottom of the box, with the description of the content, its origin and its expiration date.

    Ideas for DIY wedding favors for craft lovers

    Family cookbook

    Are you an expert cooker and want to let your guests feel your passion? Share with them a cookbook with some traditional recipes from your families of origin: it is a symbol of a truly special union, which has its roots in your loved ones.

    Favor with mini family recipe book
    A wedding favor that establishes the union of two families: the cookbook with your favorite traditional dishes

    Scented soap bars

    If you are a lover of toiletries, with a little care you can make cute and original wedding favors with scented soap bars at home. For example, you could buy a little bag with the wedding colors combination and include a soap bar with wine, essential oils and extra virgin olive oil: 100% biodegradable and perfect for a wine-themed wedding!

    Soaps of wine and essential oils from the Vinum SPA of Castello di Spessa
    Wine and essential oil soap bars can also be an original idea for a wine-themed wedding

    Eco-friendly wedding favors: for those who love nature

    Do you want to make your guests dive into an ecological wedding theme? If you are on a budget, aim for easy and cute wedding favors packed in bags of raw fabric, such as jute.

    Pretty seedlings, aromatic plants and small bonsais are a trend for wedding favors for 2021.

    Eco-friendly favors, made with a succulent plant and a bag to cover the vase
    Some pretty little plants for an eco-friendly wedding favor

    Our suggestions for solidarity wedding favors

    Does caring guide your couple and inspire your life? If you dedicate yourselves to social causes and solidarity, why not recall that in your wedding favors?

    What about small fair trade handicraft or by companies that allocate the proceeds to humanitarian causes or, more generally, to the community?

    Solidarity favors by Emergency with confetti
    Solidarity favors, which bring love even to those less fortunate

    Have you found our interesting tips and now you want to proceed with the choice of wedding favors for your wedding in 2021? Contact us or visit our wine shop and you will have a rainbow of opportunities that you can customize!

    Photo credits: visit our “Inspiration” board on Pinterest

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