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    Tips for an original wedding with civil rite

    26 January 2022

    The date is set, guest invitations have been sent. Now it’s time to organize in every little detail the most beautiful day of your life.

    If you are looking for original ideas to organize your wedding with civil rite and want to keep up with fashion, you are in the right place. What do 2022 trends say? Let’s find out together.

    Rite “en plein air”

    After the lockdown and the many days spent at home, many couples prefer to marry in outdoor locations, taking advantage of the beautiful views that our beautiful Italy offers us. The Castello di Spessa offers a wide choice of outdoor locations, from the terrace overlooking the golf course to the secular park and vineyards of the Estate. How do you imagine your wedding celebrated against the backdrop of a hot sunset? One way to make it even more meaningful, could be like a circle arrangement of the chairs for guests, so visually create an embrace around you.

    Civil Rite at Castello di Spessa
    Civil rite in the secular park of Castello di Spessa

    The “reverse wedding”

    One of the most curious and definitely out of the ordinary trends, is the “reverse wedding”. What does it mean? Sometimes, not all guests know each other. The concept, therefore, starts from the premise of creating an immediate family atmosphere, starting with the banquets to allow all guests to get to know each other. The ceremony of your union will follow, and then continue with the evening party and give space to celebrations, dances and toasts with the right mood.

    The banquet set up in the garden of Castello di Spessa

    Alternate moments

    For many wedding planners and locations, 2022 is already sold-out with reservations. But don’t worry, there is a solution to everything. If you want to organize your day more informally, many wedding planners offer moments of the day such as tea-time or happy-hour, as an original solution. A great solution for those who organize an intimate wedding, with few relatives and friends. You can also opt for a mini-wedding and organize experiences to share with your guests, such as a wine tasting with a visit to the cellars.

    A sensory wedding

    Very popular this year the weddings that will involve all five of our senses. What does it mean? Starting from the ceremony, and up to the final party, guests will be involved in a real sensory journey through lights, scents, flavors and materials that will have as their leitmotif a single ingredient, so as to give you and your guests an unforgettable memory and a real bond with this day.

    Involving the five senses to create an unforgettable memory of your wedding – Photo credits:

    Contact us or discover the locations of Castello di Spessa. Our staff will be happy to listen to your ideas and needs to grant your every wish and realize your special day in the Friulian Collio.

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