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    The perfect wine and food destination during harvest season

    22 September 2022

    The harvest is a particularly busy period for winemakers, a series of weeks during which even the smallest cog in the oiled working mechanism is necessary and crucial.

    Everyone who lives in the area is drawn into a dance of harvest carts that go back and forth through the country lanes, carrying the grapes on their way to their wonderful future.

    Our suggestion is to take advantage of this beautiful and exciting opportunity to explore our region, Friuli Venezia Giulia, by experiencing the world of grapes and wine up close.

    And what could be better than a vacation in a thousand-year-old manor house surrounded by hectares of vineyards, which is actually a winery with wine shop, medieval cellars, tour and wine tastings program, wine therapy – and much more?

    We are talking about Castello di Spessa, of course! Read the article to discover our suggestions for experiencing an immersive vacation among grapes and wine.

    Visiting the medieval cellars of the castle

    A stop not to be missed for a Wine Lover is the visit to our medieval aging wineries, including exploring the underground military bunker that holds our San Serff Riserve.

    The guide leads all the guests through the various ancient halls tracing the history of the cellars themselves and the castle that stands right above. A real treat for enthusiasts of both wine and history!

    Wine tastings of Collio and Friuli Isonzo wines

    Although our winery, like all wineries, is in full operation during the harvest, our agenda for tastings remains open: we are always pleased to welcome enthusiasts or even the merely curious to our Wine Shop and our halls to taste the Estate’s wines.

    At there are plenty of wine tasting packages to choose from, starting with a 3-glass tasting to a full wine and food experience completed with appetizers and Friulian specialties.

    Walking among the vineyards

    By carrying on the harvest day after day, we appreciate our good luck: living surrounded by vineyards is a true wonder since in every season they make the landscape a feast for the eyes. You can easily discover this by walking along the path “Sentiero delle Vigne Alte”, which offers many particularly beautiful viewpoints.

    An immersion in regional culture, discovering the territory and Friulian cuisine

    In the Resort you can book a stay in one of the facilities among those available, but for a “100% wine” themed vacation we recommend the Casale in Collina, a country house literally surrounded by vineyards. In addition, the Resort offers its guests multiple dining options, including the gourmet restaurant La Tavernetta al Castello, whose menu brings to the table typical regional and seasonal products, processed by using complex techniques.

    Wine Resort and SPA: the perfect pairing in the harvest season

    To end on a high note, the icing on the cake of this wine and food vacation is definitely the wine-therapy that can be experienced in our brand new Vinum SPA: a journey of peace and health between various treatments with grape products, water and wine baths and tastings of our wines. A relaxing time to enjoy the many beneficial properties of wine and grapes, such as, for example, antioxidant properties.

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