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Book your admission to the Summer Club

We would like to guarantee relaxation and tranquility. For this reason, reservations are always required. We reserve the right to limit access. In any case, entry will be guaranteed to guests with reservations.


Silence helps you and other guests to relax. Please keep cell phones and electronic devices muted and keep your voice moderate.

How to dress

In the changing rooms you will find the beach towel and bathrobe. Swimsuits are available for sale at the reception of the SPA.

Access to the swimming pool, whirlpool and common areas

Nudism is not allowed. Deck chairs and sun loungers must remain in the place where they are placed. The SPA promotes a healthy lifestyle: smoking is prohibited in any area, including outdoor relaxation areas.

Access to the outdoor sauna

the sauna is a place where an intimate and small space is shared also with unknown people. On the busiest days, please avoid occupying the whole bench by lying down; it is essential to respect the spaces of others, keeping a proper distance from your neighbor.

To avoid burns, it is not recommended to wear metal jewelry, watches or accessories. For hygienic and health reasons, slippers must remain outside the sauna.


Access to the Summer Club is allowed from the age of 16 and, until reaching the age of majority, children must be accompanied by their parents. The Management declines any responsibility towards minors, whose protection is entrusted to their adult escorts.

Comments and suggestions

Your point of view is important to us: communicate comments and suggestions to the SPA manager, they will help us to grow and improve.

The Summer Club is open to internal and external guests. Large parking available.


via Spessa 1
Capriva del Friuli, Gorizia


10:00 am – 8:00 pm
Closed on Tuesday
Open according to season

PHONE +39 0481 808033
WHATSAPP +39 389 0950733
E-MAIL vinumspa@castellodispessa.it