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    Sauna: five benefits that (maybe) you don’t know

    31 January 2023

    “Nothing is more invigorating and healthy than a sauna.”
    I know, this statement might seem a bit rash but after reading this article we are sure that
    you will agree 100%. The sauna is an activity originating in Finland, but it is not the only
    culture in which thermotherapy is used for hygienic, sanitary, social and spiritual purposes.
    Despite the Finnish sauna, the Turkish-style hammam and the Russian Banya are well
    distinguished by the style of construction, the heating source and the humidity level, have
    something in common: the many benefits for our health.
    Let’s see them now one by one.

    It’s good for the heart

    It is no secret that most diseases – especially heart diseases – are at least partly stress-
    related. The study conducted by Dr. Jari Laukkanen at the University of Eastern Finland,
    which involved over 2300 participants, revealed that regular use of the sauna reduces
    stress levels, improving circulatory and cardiovascular function in both men and women.

    Sauna is a real cardiovascular gymnastics, with a “heart-saving” effect.
    In fact, the high temperature of the sauna acts on the cells of the endothelium that line the
    arteries reducing their rigidity and lowering blood pressure. With heat the blood vessels
    dilate and the heart circulation improves. Finally, they increase the beats per minute from
    60-70 bpm to 110-120 bpm, comparable to those obtained with a little exercise at
    moderate intensity.

    Facilitates the Recovery of Muscle

    Believe it or not, but the sauna can be a great ally to help you reach your fitness goals
    Thanks to the intense heat of the sauna, the muscles relax, muscle aches are
    relieved and tensions fade.
    A 2021 study confirmed that the use of sauna improves health in the long term affecting
    the lifespan and facilitating the maintenance of muscle mass. In addition, thanks to the
    increase in body temperature, the body releases endorphins accelerating the natural
    healing process of the body, eliminating lactic acid and preventing inflammation.

    It improves your skin

    Nothing cleans and rejuvenates your skin like a sauna!
    In fact, when you subject the body to a deep sweating you expel all those impurities that
    cause pimples, acne and blackheads, which make the skin dull and grayish. Sauna helps eliminate toxins, dead cells and the residues of cosmetic products, freeing the pores and
    making the skin appear more elastic, clean and bright.
    Moreover, the heat causes the
    blood vessels to dilate, improving capillary circulation and promoting cell turnover.
    In short, the sauna is a real beauty ritual for our skin!

    Strengthens the immune system

    Now several research confirm this: the use of the sauna significantly reduces the incidence
    of colds and flu
    . In fact, when the body is exposed to the heat of the sauna increases the
    production of white blood cells, essential to combat viruses that try to take over our
    organism. In addition, the sauna alleviates the symptoms of so-called “seasonal illnesses”
    such as colds, sore throat and cough, giving us immediate relief and speeding up the

    Helps you sleep better

    The sauna promotes the relaxation of all the muscles of our body, promoting the release of a
    greater amount of endorphins, the so-called “well-being hormones”, that combine sleep, reduce
    stress and generate a feeling of well-being.

    To get more benefits the sauna should be done in the late afternoon or evening because, once
    secreted, the effects of endorphins can last up to 6 hours. Do not forget to take a shower or an
    immersion in cold water immediately after the stay in the sauna: in fact, lowering body temperature
    sharply amplifies the benefits!
    Did you know that the sauna has so many benefits? Now that you know them, come and try the
    sauna of the Vinum SPA of Castello di Spessa!

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