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    Romantic wedding: our ideas to make it magical

    05 May 2021

    Whether it’s a civil or religious wedding, a romantic getaway or an anniversary, romance is one of the most popular themes for a unique and unforgettable wedding.

    The location: chic and intimate

    Our beautiful Italy is full of suggestive views, an ideal background to the romantic dreams of any couple. At the lake, on the beach or in a rustic barn: there are many alternatives for your wedding day location. In order to make your wedding elegant and chic, we suggest a stylish structure where you can relive the magic of time, such as a period villa or a castle surrounded by a breathtaking natural landscape.

    Evening glimpse of a castle, where a wedding banquet is celebrated
    A romantic castle for a magical wedding reception
    Credits: Tassotto & Max Photo Agency

    A romantic wedding gown: the importance of the fabric

    The choice of the fabric is essential to define the romantic style of your wedding dress: an embroidered tulle or a lace, the curved and soft lines of a classic cut, a princess or a vintage style.

    Refined details and important accessories, as a long tail veil, are just some of the elements to be found in the wedding dress of a romantic bride. And, of great importance too, is the wedding color par excellence: the white, associated with purity.

    A bride with veil looking in the mirror in a corridor of an ancient castle
    A fluffy and light dress is the right choice for a romantic wedding
    Credits: Tassotto & Max Photo Agency

    Decor ideas for a romantic wedding

    The theme of romanticism unfolds in every stage of the wedding setting: harmony, grace and elegance define every detail of your perfect day.

    The color combination: soft and delicate

    We recommend soft colors in pastel shades, which recall the feeling of lightness and the charm of romanticism: antique pink, peach or pale pink, or even ash blue, beige, sage green. You can also combine them with a touch of gold to make everything more refined.

    The invitations: an ode to romanticism

    Adopt the romantic theme also in the stationery: use a simple style both for the graphics and for the material of the invitations. According to the latest trends, invitations sealed with wax are very popular: a stamp with the initials of you newlyweds is really chic!

    Pink and gold invitations for a romantic wedding
    Soft colors and a few touches of gold for romantic wedding invitations
    Credits: ohmydesignsbySteph on Etsy

    The reception: the essentials to create a romantic atmosphere

    The tableau de mariage and the table setting

    For the tableau de mariage, assign to each table the name of a poet or a writer: after taking a seat, each diner will be able to find a small parchment with a phrase by the same author, recalling the romantic style of the wedding.

    The tables will be graced by long and soft tablecloths and fragrant floral centerpieces arrangements. Alternatively, a composition of candles in refined blown glass vases at multiple heights, decorated with seasonal foliage, can be used. The mise en place will be essential and chic, in neutral colors and with a touch of gold.

    Decoration of the reception table for a wedding in a romantic style
    Candles, flowers and soft colors: the essential elements for a romantic decoration of your wedding reception
    Credits: Flavio Graffi

    A background of lights and music

    Creating an atmosphere suitable for the entire duration of the event, with music and lights, will transport your guests in a romantic and, at the same time, jovial mood.

    The lighting will accompany the evolution of the reception: it will be more sparkling at the beginning, when guests take their seats at the table, and more suffused in the evening with lights, candles and lanterns.

    It will be exciting to play your favorite songs in the background during the cake cut – considered the most romantic moment of a wedding.
    The music, amiable and pleasant during the reception and more lively for the dances, will accompany you throughout the whole day.

    Wedding couple kissing in a medieval wine cellar, set up for the cake cut
    Even the wine cellars can be the perfect place for your photo shoot
    Credits: Tassotto & Max Photo Agency

    Dear newlyweds, dedicate yourselves some couple moments

    Reserve yourselves an intimate moment just before the ceremony: deliver a romantic letter to your sweetheart, it will certainly remain in your hearts and souls forever!

    On your wedding day, choose to take a photo shoot in the surroundings of the venue, for example with some shots: the remembrance and the emotion of those moments will always remain with you.

    Two newlyweds embrace under a flower arch, with the Castello of Spessa in the background
    The photo shoot is a special moment for the newlyweds: find the perfect place to do it
    Credits: Flavio Graffi

    Did we catch your attention and now you would like to immerse yourself in the fairy tale of a romantic wedding?

    Contact us: we would be honoured to plan your magical wedding day in the enchanting scenery of Castello di Spessa Golf Wine Resort & Spa, nestled among the vineyards of Collio in Italy.

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