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    October wedding: why you should choose this month

    15 September 2022

    Autumn is often put in a negative light by its cheeky competitors: the bright summer and the colorful spring. This month in common thinking is also linked to the “autumn blues,” that kind of dormant sadness that is felt in the first days of rain and grayness. This is why October in the common imagination is certainly not the most popular month for weddings. NOTHING COULD BE MORE WRONG!

    More and more often couples are scheduling their unforgettable day for this month, precisely because of its countless advantages!

    Are you curious to know which ones? Read the article below and discover all the reasons why you should choose an October wedding.

    October’s wedding: the colours of the nature

    Autumn offers a truly magnificent palette of colours. We know this very well since our castle is surrounded by wonderful hills covered with vast vineyards that express their best in the “foliage” season.

    This kaleidoscope of warm and brilliant colours is able to leave your guests speechless and helps in creating settings with particularly romantic and evocative tones: perfect for a wedding!

    Getting married in October: the ideal weather

    A summer wedding: beautiful and bright…but a real torture for the guests! With the the disappearance of the mid-seasons, October now represents the new September: a great month for those who would like to live out their fairy tale in a location with outdoor settings without getting knocked out by the scorching heat or the winter frost. In this month, the days have not yet shortened completely and the daylight illuminates the landscape for many hours, allowing the bride and groom to create magical memories.

    Wedding in October: which is the right outfit?

    While guests can have more fun with colours in summer, the range of suitable tissues is very limited. October embodies all the positive aspects of summer weddings, without the limitations related to the sultry heat, thus offering much more opportunities to choose from. Fancy half sleeves blouse? Or perhaps you prefer a more structured tissue that is not very suitable for high temperatures? No problem! Remember to also iron a jacket or shawl to keep you warm in case of unexpected night breezes.

    Venue for a classy wedding

    October is approaching and the favourite season for weddings is reaching its end. Great! This means that the all the locations will begin to have more availability in their agendas, allowing October brides to find a free date much more easily. From a planning point of view, autumn is a great option: all you need to do is pay attention to the reception location and also think about a plan B in case of rain.

    Marriage in October: the colourful flowers

    Cyclamen, gerberas, lilies, daisies: the flowers of the season are many and colourful. By getting married in this autumn month you will simply be spoiled for choice and your bouquet will be truly special, as will the decorations of the entire reception.

    Menu and ingredients of an October wedding

    As we approach fall, we move away from lighter dishes and we start approaching much bolder textures and savory flavors. Seasonal ingredients in October become the protagonists of the menu, which in a wedding must impress all the guests: mushrooms, pumpkin and apples are elements that, if used properly, are able to leave you amazed. The wedding reception? With these premises, it can only turn out to be unforgettable.

    After summer selfcare

    The summer season has the power to make us all more attractive: the sun, with the right SPF protection, can leave a golden tan, while the sea breeze “dries” the skin, making it clean and ready for bridal makeup. In short, after September, everyone looks better, and the photos will prove that!

    Honeymoon in October

    Honeymoon in October? There are plenty of destinations to choose from. Just move to tropical locations and you’ll find beach weather, not overly hot. Instead, opting for Nordic countries you won’t risk freezing.

    Getting married in October: the best for guests

    By choosing a wedding in October, your guests will be grateful! First of all, they will not have to suffer hot weather (especially the men, who are required to wear a suit). Moreover, they will have already returned from their summer vacation and they will be able to attend without any problems: nothing will prevent them from celebrating together with you an unforgettable day.

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