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    How to arrange a wedding seating chart

    16 June 2021

    The arrangement of the tables for the wedding is certainly fun, but at the same time it could hide some moments of tension.

    Relatives, best man, maid of honor and friends: just find the right formula to please everyone and ensure that the day is pleasant and memorable. If you need some advice on how to best arrange your wedding tables, read this article.

    Before starting to organize the arrangement of the tables …

    The first fundamental step is to choose and confirm the location: in order to understand how to arrange the tables for the reception, you must first know the maximum capacity of the rooms (or outdoor spaces) of the structure.

    Next, you will have to choose the type of tables: round or rectangular? Imperial table or an u-shaped arrangement? It is an important choice that will help you understand how to coordinate with the location.

    Long imperial table set and decorated with flowers for a wedding
    Reception table decoration for a wedding
    [Photo credits: CHUTTERSNAP]

    Finally, you must have a defined (or a almost defined) list of guests before choosing where to seat them. So, to proceed with the next steps you need to understand how many people have confirmed their participation in your wedding.

    Small steps for an easy position of guests on the wedding tables

    So, after having established the first three necessary conditions, you can take action.

    We advise you to take the defined list of guests and write all their names – individually – on small cards or post-its, which are going to be easily moved when you’ll plan the arrangement.

    Then, choose the people who will be seated at your table or right next to it. Usually these are your parents, the best man and the maid of honor, or the most important people who have accompanied you up to that moment.

    Among the remaining guests, identify heterogeneous groups and assign each of them a specific color different from the others. Usually, people are divided into family members, groups of friends, schoolmates, colleagues, children, etc. With these short steps, you will already have a draft of a possible arrangement of the tables (then, large groups such as friends and family can be divided into subgroups, referable to the individual tables).

    Elegant wedding place cards with golden sealing wax stamp
    Elegant place cards for a romantic wedding
    [Photo credits:]

    4 tips on how to arrange guests during the reception

    • Be guided by common sense: do not place people who do not agree on the same table, even if they belong to the same “heterogeneous group” that you identified in the previous steps. The important thing is that everyone can enjoy the celebrations of your special day.

    • Check the arrangement a few days before: some guests may not be able to come at the last minute; unexpected events happen! A few days before the ceremony, do a final check on the guests: if someone isn’t coming, first report it to the structure and then arrange the tables, so that there are not going to be empty seats.

    • Use the tableau de mariage to facilitate the accommodation of guests at the reception: a board or a banquet will be excellent tools to facilitate guests to ssit down. Also, number or name the tables and arrange a placeholder for each guest in a visible position.

    • One possible solution is the “free choice”: for informal weddings you can also decide to let the guests choose where to sit.
      The advantages? You will not stress yourself in choosing the layout and the guests will be happy to position themselves next to those who they prefer.
      The disadvantages? There may be moments of confusion and someone may be unintentionally isolated from their target group.

    Beautiful round tables set up for a romantic wedding
    Beautiful round tables set up for a romantic wedding
    [Photo credits: Thomas William]

    Now that we have given you our tips on how to organize your wedding tables, you are ready to plan all the details.

    If you want to rely on experts and see beautiful locations where you can celebrate your wedding, contact us! The staff of the Castello di Spessa Golf Wine Resort & Spa is always happy to make special the most beautiful day of a couple’s life.

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