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    Grappa therapy – the beauty treatment from the heart of the distillation

    11 January 2022

    For many Italians a good glass of grappa at the end of the meal, is a must, almost like the first coffee in the early morning. Enjoying grappa at the end of a lunch or a generous dinner, is essential for spirits lovers.

    But, have you ever thought that grappa can also help your skin from oxidative stress caused by free radical?

    Forget the myth that grappa is useful only to help the digestion: your body and face skin can benefit from its properties too. Let’s discover here below the new corner inside the Vinum SPA, entirely dedicated to grappa benefits and its use in cosmetic.

    Grappa therapy at Vinum SPA

    Since the ancient times, wine has been used in thermal baths for masks and massages, to reduce wrinkles, and as peripheral circulation aid thanks to the properties of polyphenols, the plant compounds in which it is rich. They are contained in the solid parts of the grape bunch: 60% in the seeds, 40% in the skin and stalks.

    Cosmetic massages with grape seeds and chromotherapy at Vinum SPA

    The Grappa therapy corner in the new Vinum SPA concept, was born from the heart of distillation as a treatment of beauty and relaxation.

    Thanks to the innovative body scrub and zonal massage, carried out with creams and oils with the scent of grappa, which combine the active principles of polyphenols and flavonoids contained in grapes, grape pips and grape marc, the skin can benefit from an intense antioxidant action. Also, it will help neutralizing free radicals responsible for aging and the appearance of wrinkles, skin spots and loss of tone and elasticity. 

    The natural extracts used during Grappa therapy, also help to purify the skin, tone up peripheral microcirculation, moisturize and donate protein, lipidic, vitamin and mineral nutrition. The recognized regenerating and moisturizing properties of the berries and grape seed oil, used during massages, give to the skin a brighter and smoother look.

    Corner dedicated to Wine therapy and Grappa therapy

    The Grappatherapy ends with the tasting of one of the excellence of the Estate: the Grappa Riserva of Conte Ludovico di Spessa, paired with an artisanal dark chocolate 70%.

    Discover the two floors of the Vinum SPA, the panoramic suite with chromotherapy whirlpools “I Tini”, the external area, everything dedicated entirely to Wine therapy.

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