Mete vicine al Castello di Spessa

Welcome to Friuli Venezia Giulia

The Collio area is a pearl set in a region that is spectacular in every season. From Castello di Spessa you can easily reach some of the most interesting and suggestive sites of the region.

Castello di Spessa

Places to visit

From the Venetian-style piazzas in Udine to the beautiful imperial buildings of Trieste, and still, from the Alpine peaks to the sandy beaches of the Upper Adriatic Sea, and then the ancient Roman sites, medieval churches and Longobard cities. Friuli Venezia Giulia is indeed a land that is nothing short of surprising.


The area also boasts several nature reserves, biotope protection areas, and unspoilt wilderness where enjoy nature in all its beauty, in every season.
Mete vicino a Castello di Spessa


Not far from Castello di Spessa Resort, a wide range of opportunities for entertainment and shopping, for a captivating and fun stay.
Castello di Spessa