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    Evening wedding: how to organize the perfect reception

    25 May 2021

    Are you considering whether to organize your wedding during the day or at night? It is a very important decision, on which the entire organization of the event depends.
    Planning a wedding in the evening means giving to you spouses, first of all, and to your guests that delicate and magical atmosphere that only a romantic sunset can give.

    If we have fascinated you, follow us: we will give you some precious ideas to organize a romantic evening wedding that will remain in your hearts forever.

    The importance of a precise timeline

    Based on the place of the ceremony and the location of the reception, define a precise timeline and share it also with your guests, who will thereby feel confident about the day’s schedule.

    Our suggestion is to set the wedding ceremony in the middle of the afternoon, around 4:00 PM, in order to allow you to take some pictures with a magical light, and also to ensure that guests can safely reach the venue of the reception and refresh themselves with the buffet.

    Newlyweds holding hands at sunset in the park of Castello di Spessa
    The magical light of the sunset is perfect for a unique couple’s photo shoot
    [Photo credits: The CLICK Wedding]

    Evening wedding: what to wear according to the etiquette

    To the recurring question “What should I wear for a wedding?”,the etiquette answers firmly: avoid wearing white, black, red and purple!

    The guideline to follow for deciding the attire, as a guest, is the style of the wedding; if a specific dress code is required of the guests, it is good to specify it on the invitations.

    Newlywed couple kisses surrounded by guests
    Even the guests must be in line with the style of the wedding: better to specify it in the invitations!
    [Photo credits: Jonathan Borba]

    For an evening wedding, women have multiple options: an elegant long dress – particularly suitable for evening receptions -, a knee-length one – more informal but still refined – or a cocktail dress, with pale colors.
    Make-up, jewellery and shoes must be consistent with the chosen attire, and consider also the possibility of lower temperatures in the evening.

    On the other hand, the two-piece formal suit is a must for men: concerning the shirt, it is better to choose one with light tones, combined with a classy tie or bow tie. The groom and his loved ones can also choose a tuxedo or a tailcoat, especially for evening weddings in elegant and refined venues, such as a medieval castle.

    Two men in formal dress smiling, close-up
    Tie or bow tie, a golden rule for the groom and best man is to wear the formal suit.
    [Photo credits: Alvin Mahmudov]

    The location: outdoors … but with a plan B!

    The enchantment of the setting sun, the twinkling of the stars and the brightness of the moon are all you need to convince you to organize your special day open-air, perhaps in a historic building surrounded by a green park or with a breathtaking view of the vineyards.

    Illuminated medieval castle, at night, with a married couple kissing
    The moonlight and the stars in the sky will be the perfect setting for your evening reception
    [Photo credits: Fotoimpronte Art Studio]

    Whether it is summer or another season, the risk of bad weather is always lurking: you should provide for the possibility of moving the party to an interior space, sheltered and finely decorated following the wedding theme.

    Tips to recreate a magical atmosphere

    Play with the lights!

    Define the path and delimit the reception spaces with braziers, lanterns, candles, creating light effects to enhance the decorations arranged in the location.

    Plan accurately the corner dedicated to the cake cutting: it represents the apex of the evening and, therefore, must be particularly romantic, illuminated with an effective light design.

    Wedding cake under a wisteria gazebo with decorative lights
    The cake cutting is the highlight of an evening reception. Password: lights!
    [Photo credits: GP Eventi]

    The WOW effect

    Do you want to surprise your guests and delight them during the reception? Think of some special exhibition, such as fireworks or an evocative and elegant flight of lanterns: a romantic way to make the dreams of the newlyweds fly high.

    Newlywed couple watches fireworks on the horizon
    The perfect ending to an evening wedding: fireworks!
    [Photo credits: Lisa Pacor, Aria di Foto]

    Dancing under the stars

    Enchanted by the magic of the reception, your guests will be ready to dance! In the joyful conviviality, no one will ask “what time does the party end?”, as they will be eager to live together, until the end, the charm of your perfect day.

    Are you looking for a dream venue to organize a romantic wedding in the evening? Then come and visit the Castello di Spessa: a magical place, surrounded by nature, with multiple solutions throughout the resort for your tailor-made wedding. If you cannot come here, contact us!

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