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    Castello di Spessa’s Casanova 2020 Pinot Noir: 1st ranked for FVG at the Egna and Montagna National Pinot Noir Competition

    25 May 2023

    Casanova from Castello di Spessa di Capriva del Friuli was declared the best Pinot Noir in Friuli Venezia Giulia at the Egna and Montagna National Pinot Noir Competition dedicated to the 2020 vintage.
    An absolutely prestigious award in this important competition, which saw the most significant Pinot Noirs of the peninsula competing and for the first time introduced the ranking by wine zones to emphasize the national character that animates it and to enhance as much as possible the different traditions and styles of Pinot Noir production in Italy. The proclamation ceremony was held as part of the 25th edition of the “Giornate altoatesine del Pinot Nero” staged last May 19-22.

    We are truly proud of this recognition, which encourages us to continue along the path taken of enhancement of Pinot Noir, a wine in which we believe a lot and in whose production we have put, and continue to put, heart, head, and passion” says Loretto Pali, owner of Castello di Spessa Winery, who is a great admirer of Pinot Noir.

    Many say it is a difficult variety,” he continues, “It undoubtedly is, but for us it is not a challenge to produce it and to give an opportunity to our generous Collio to show that it can be a territory in which Pinot Noir expresses itself excellently and with great personality. A wine that is a tribute to the love of our land, therefore, to which we wanted to give the name of a character who has always personified passion and love, Giacomo Casanova, who was a guest of Castello di Spessa and appreciated its wines, describing them as being of excellent quality.

    Deep ruby in color, Casanova Pinot Noir has bewitching notes of red fruits on the nose with pleasant hints of spice. It is velvety and elegant on the palate, with a long, ample finish of raspberry and spice. It pairs well with lamb meats and medium-aged cheeses, as well as with savory fish dishes.

    Casanova originates from the vineyards that embrace Castello di Spessa (including the “Vigna di 3 Pinot”, where Pinot Bianco and Pinot Grigio are also cultivated) and is the result of a careful and passionate path of experimentation and pursuit of quality, with full respect for variety and terroir. Crucially contributing to its unmistakable character is the expert contribution of Trentino winemaker Enrico Paternoster. It is then aged in the medieval cellars dug under the castle, the oldest and most scenic in Collio. A curiosity: historical notes on Castello di Spessa show that already in the early 20th century, estate director Rudolf Wilhelm Gareis (a renowned German oenologist) was successfully engaged in the production of Pinot Noir, which won the State Bronze Medal (among the highest honors) at the 1909 interprovincial wine tasting in Vienna, in which numerous wineries from the County of Gorizia took part, which were on the whole judged the best, testifying to the vocation of the terroir toward this type of wine. A precious legacy from the past, which is now preserved and enhanced by the Loretto Pali winery.

    Via Spessa 1- 34070 Capriva del Friuli (GO)
    Tel +39 0481 60445 – Fax +39 0481 630161

    PRESS OFFICE – AGORÀ di Marina Tagliaferri – Tel. +39 0481.62385 – –

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