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    5 reasons to get married in a castle

    29 May 2021

    Watchword? Romanticism.

    What better location for your fairy-tale wedding than a castle where princes and princesses have lived for centuries?

    If you have chosen a formal and elegant style, a place steeped in history and charm can certainly be the backdrop to your special day. Surrounded by family and friends, you will feel like you are dreaming!

    Find out in the article what are, in our opinion, the five reasons to get married in a castle.

    1. The magical and elegant atmosphere

    If you want to make romance the main theme of your wedding, then receiving your guests in a castle will be the most elegant choice.

    The frescoed halls, the refined details, the antique furniture: all the characteristic elements of a manor house, combined with the setting and decorations chosen, will create a magical atmosphere perfect for the style of your wedding.

    Couple holding hands from behind; in the background the Castello di Spessa
    Castles have an inherent charm, perfect for celebrating your union

    2. One location for four seasons

    The castle is not only a solemn choice but it is also functional: at any time of year, whether there is sun, rain or snow, its wide spaces can be adapted to your needs.

    During the warmer months you can enjoy its outdoor areas, including trees in bloom and beautiful dehors, while in the colder months the large halls can accommodate your guests, holding you all in a warm “hug”.

    Interior hall of a castle, with an imperial table set up for a wedding with candelabra, flowers and mise en place
    The internal halls of the Castle or its green park can accommodate you and your guests

    3. A single location for ceremony and reception

    If you want a single location where you can both have your ceremony and reception, without having to move your guests, a castle is the choice for you.

    Historically, small private chapels were built in or near castles for the owners, which can now be used for your religious ceremony.

    Or, if you prefer a civil or symbolic ceremony, we are sure that you will find waiting for you a large outdoor space that you can set up with chairs, flowers and a wedding arch, where you will say your “Yes, I do“.

    Bridal couple at the end of an outdoor ceremony
    If you don’t want your guests to move after the ceremony, the castle park or one of its halls will be perfect

    4. An invitation to everyone

    If the guest list is very long, the castle is the place where you can accommodate them all!

    Depending on the season you can choose between the outdoor gardens, the spacious dehors or the indoor halls, bringing with you all the loved ones on the day dedicated to your union.

    The adaptability of the environments and the romantic atmosphere will combine to make you and your guests satisfied.

    5. The Grand Ball

    Like in the happy ending movies of princes and princesses, getting married in a castle means being able to have the final great ball: you can live the first real moment together as husband and wife, surrounded by your loved ones, in one of the finely decorated halls of the castle of your dreams.

    You will open the dances and, even with numerous guests, you can have fun until late at night with your favourite music in the background.

    Married couple after cutting the cake
    A gazebo with a wisteria, a finely lit room or under the stars: the castle will offer you special places for your first dance

    If you want to get married in a castle, we have just the thing for you: at Castello di Spessa Golf Wine Resort & Spa we can fulfil all your desires, making your day special and unique.

    Contact us or come and visit us in the beautiful setting of Collio, in Italy.

    Photo credits: The CLICK Wedding

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