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    5 ideas for an original bachelorette party

    05 May 2021

    Dear girls, if you need to organize your friends’ bachelorette party, do not worry: in this article you will find 5 ideas to plan what to do and where to go for a special and modern bachelorette party.
    These are evergreen ideas, adaptable to all needs (and to all brides!). You just need to choose which one is right for you and start organizing!

    1) A bachelorette party “out of town”

    What better way to discover new places than with a group of friends? In Italy or in Europe, by plane or train, it is quick and easy to reach many beautiful destinations in just one weekend.

    Even with a limited budget, fun is guaranteed: plan and book ahead an apartment or an accommodation to share. It will be special to spend some time together before the wedding! And while you are in a new city waiting to be discovered, you can still plan other experiences, even among those that we propose below!

    2) A bachelorette party for food & wine lovers

    For food and wine lovers, this bachelorette party is perfect! There are many wineries that offers tasting and guided tours. Imagine being able to taste a good glass of wine surrounded by vineyards and nature: a perfect place to be outdoors and enjoy the sun.

    A special dinner in a gourmet restaurant, a glass of wine on the waterfront or an aperitif with a breathtaking view on the surrounding landscape: for a bride who loves good food and good wine there is no better party to plan!

    A table set for an aperitif in a rustic style
    A food and wine bachelor party, in the name of local products and good wine

    3) Relaxation and wellness: a day at the Spa

    The months leading up to the wedding are always stressful, and if you are the bride’s best friends, you know it too. So why not arrange a day in a wellness center, dedicated to relaxation?

    Thermal baths and spas are the perfect places for a relaxing bachelorette party: massages, beauty treatments or a swim in the heated pool of a Spa. If you are wine and beauty lovers, we recommend you the wine-therapy, whose treatments – with products deriving from the vines – will regenerate you all!

    View of the interior of a wellness center with wine therapy
    A Spa with wine-therapy treatments: perfect for beauty and wine lovers

    4) A new sport, all together

    Are you active and energetic women? Then plan an adventurous bachelorette party in the mountains, a Caribbean dance lesson or an original afternoon dedicated to a new sport.

    An experience that binds your friendship even more and gives you happy (and fun!) moments to remember in the future is always an original way to spend time together.

    5) Ideas for a low-cost bachelorette party during Covid-19

    In this particular period, we have also thought of some ideas that can be realised even if the current Covid-19 situation persists and a bachelorette party needs to be planned.

    So, what to do and where to go for a bachelorette party in 2021? It will probably be more difficult to travel and move from where you live, so we advise you to make the most of this opportunity: coordinate a treasure hunt for the bride – in her city or surroundings – which retraces the best moments of your friendship, her childhood or her love story.

    If you like to cook, book a cooking experience, perhaps of ethnic cuisine. Or, if you prefer to taste (and not get food ready), plan a special dinner with a private chef at home!

    Do you love music? Then take the future bride to a live music club, where you can let loose on the notes of your favorite songs. Are you a good investigator and like detective novels? Then arrange an appointment to an Escape Room, to solve riddles and come out victorious!

    Back to back friends hugging
    Time spent with friends is priceless 💕

    Do you want to plan an original bachelorette party for your friend? Contact us and we will help you create a magical moment that you all will remember in the future!

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