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    5 good reasons to order your wine online

    12 May 2021

    The typical conviviality of our beautiful Italy has undoubtedly been affected by the restrictions imposed to contain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the passion for good wine has remained, kept alive in the intimacy of our homes, thanks to the delivery service.

    If the Mountain won’t go to Mohammed, then Mohammed must come to the Mountain.”

    In this article we want to list 5 reasons why, in our opinion, it is useful and favorable to buy wine online.

    1. It’s convenient

    What a better way to order wine than sitting comfortably on your sofa, with a few clicks, skipping the line outside the shop or avoiding taking the car to reach your favorite cellar?

    Online shopping is combined with home delivery, which is advantageous: we know very well what it means to carry heavy bags while returning from a shopping spree!

    You can enjoy healthy relaxation with a home delivery of your favorite wine

    2. The quality is guaranteed!

    Even with online sales, wineries respect their quality standards: your favorite wine will have the same features as the one you buy directly in the cellars or in your trustworthy wine shop.

    Therefore, the online shop becomes a precious ally for your home wine tastings.

    3. A wide range of choice

    If your thirst for good wine comes with a hunger for experimentation, then online shopping is perfect for you: you can order products you have never tasted, from Italy or abroad.

    Would you like to taste the aromas of that good glass of wine drunk at sunset on your last vacation? Home delivery service allows you to recreate that same feeling in the intimacy of your home. Contact the winery on their website, on social networks or call them!

    The perfect vacation is among the vineyards at sunset and a good glass of wine

    4. The low shipping costs

    Once you have chosen your bouquet of wines and made the purchase, keep in mind that home delivery usually takes place within a few working days. Normally, costs of service are proportional to the total amount of the order.

    But often, upon reaching a minimum purchase threshold, many wineries choose to ship their products at no additional cost. Some even make free shipments throughout Europe: it doesn’t matter if whether you live in Milan, London or in a small town, your trustworthy winery will reach you easily and at low cost!

    5. An idea for a gift… at a distance

    In this peculiar period, in which geographical distances keep us apart from family and friends, what better way to present loved ones with a surprise to make them feel your closeness?

    Shopping online allows you to have your gift delivered directly to their home: ready for a toast of joy, distant but close!

    A toast, to feel all closer in joyful moments

    Have we convinced you of the great advantages of buying online? Visit our online shop to discover our wide range italian wines and spirits from Castello di Spessa brand: we will deliver them directly at your home.

    Discover the century-old history of the Castle through our fine products.

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